My name is Maria sinyaeva. I am an actress of theatre and cinema - see this as my calling. A few years ago graduated from the Academy of Theatre Arts (course of V. M. Filshtinsky), and now serve in the theater Lensoviet (read more here).

I have a lot of interesting, creative and theatrical projects. One of them - a solo performance "the Letter Stranger" by the works of Stefan Zweig (read more here), which is not one year, won a lot of awards.

In films and TV shows (read more here). Mikhalkov and Spielberg, however, still in the future...

Many years of successful experience leading, animator and coordinator of projects of any complexity and creative tension. Think through all the details. And this helps me my second higher education - management of organization in the field of culture. 

But the activities of a wedding Registrar I have always had a very reverent attitude. I like the atmosphere around the newlyweds exciting atmosphere of tenderness and poignancy. I believe in Love and the energy of the words. I love communication and new acquaintances. Know how to create special moments that are remembered for a lifetime. And so happy and great attention to detail to perform their role wedding Registrar. 
I'm for individuality, soulfulness and sincerity.

Well, briefly about my Hobbies.

In sports: the repeated champion of Russia in team for ultimate Frisbee (a game with a flying disc).
Very active, positive and exciting sport. 
Needlework - I like to do things with his hands, investing in it is heat and energy.
I teach Kundalini yoga - it's part of the right power of thoughts and words (read more here).
And this is only a small part of my Hobbies and plans...


Your - Maria Sinyaeva


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